Lose the pregnancy weight within 30 days.



My name is Rudy Marsh.  I am a physicist, data scientist, researcher and lifestyle hacker.  I look for ways to achieve a lifestyle goal using the smallest effort and shortest time possible.

I was designing a diet for my wife during her pregnancy.  It was acomplete success (see how below)!  

The really crazy part is that she stuck to the diet after her pregnancy (it was really easy to stick to) and began to lose fat at an incredible rate.

After only one month she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight!

Here's some photo evidence.  I'm not making this up!  This is a photo of my lovely wife 3 days after giving birth vs. 30 days.  She lost about 20 pounds in this time period with absolutely no exercise!

I know, it's hard to believe.  I was a little worried, honestly.  Was she sick?

Well, this is only half the story.  She continued losing weight.  

After a couple of months, she was 15 pounds below her pre-pregnancy weight.

Keep reading to see what she looks like now (on the beach).

She hadn't exercised at all!  We took her to the doctor where she not only got a clean bill of health, but she was found to be in the best shape of her life!

I absolutely had to know what was going on.  

Luckily, I was director at a genetics company in Houston at the time and had access to the best health research.

What I found shocked me.

We had completely lucked out!  Much of the diet I had created for her turned out to be ideal for losing fat, especially around the belly.  Incredible!

I took diligent notes and began to put them together.  What emerged was not just a simple diet change, but a complete lifestyle hack.  Perfect!

Here's what I found:

1) You don't really need to exercise, but you can enhance your results with 4 minutes a day (at the right time), if you want.  More won't help much. 

2) The brain hacks were as important, if not more important than the food.

3) Breaking the process down into 5 short steps would increase the chances of success by a huge amount.

4) There's a weird spice that can boost your fat loss no matter what you eat (I'll talk about it more below).

5) Eating too little not only kills your results, but makes you needlessly depressed.

6) You can eat whatever you want, as long as the timing is right.  Of course, eating some foods at the wrong time is completely disastrous.

Crazy, right?  Definitely not what I expected, but the data was clear and it obviously worked!

Ok, here's the most important part.  If you don't read anything else, please pay attention to this:

Scientists have conclusively proven that when your blood sugar spikes, the natural reaction is for your body to produce a hormone called insulin.

It's insulin's job to put that blood sugar somewhere.  Guess where it usually goes?  

First problem: insulin is shoving calories into your fat cells.  

This is the first problem.  The second problem is that when you try and reduce the number of calories you eat, your body signals your thyroid to stop converting T4 hormone to T3, which lowers your metabolism.

Second problem: If you try to eat less, your metabolism plummets.

We're not done yet!  When you eat less, your body also produces less of the leptin hormone, signaling it's time to store more of your calories as fat.  This is a self-defence mechanism, since your body thinks it's starving!

Third problem: If you try to eat less, your body stores more calories as fat.

Even if you manage to power through these biological issues and keep your calories down, you will start to become psychologically depressed.  Psychologists have recently discovered that we all have a limited amount of "willpower reserves" that will eventually run out.  There is nothing we can do about it.  It's not your fault (even if it feels like it).  It's a simple biological fact.

Fourth problem: you will run out of willpower

I have good news and bad news for you. 

First, the good news:  My research has pointed to a clear and simple path to overcome all 4 of these problems.  

Now the bad news: Most other diets on the market do almost exactly the opposite!  Absolutely crazy, but true!

Hey, I grew up with the "just eat less and lose weight" mantra being repeated over and over again too.  It's not your fault.  You were given the totally wrong information your whole life!

Biology and psychology have both been working against you from the start!  You are fighting a losing battle with any traditional diet.

There is good news, though.  

There is a proven method to unlock your body's natural potential to burn fat at an incredible rate.

Imagine a simple change that would give you that beach body you've always dreamed about.  Really, close your eyes and picture yourself slim and trim, walking along the beach.  Getting all of that positive attention.  Being tighter, firmer, sexier.  Feels good right?  

This can be your new reality in much less time than you think.  A simple brain hack and a delicious always-feel-full diet change is all it takes.

The first key my research found is the habit override.  This is the 2-second brain hack I was talking about.  A four-year-old could literally do this with little effort.

The second key is the ISGO (Insulin Spike/Gate Open) method.  This is a simple body hack that blunts your insulin spikes and opens up "gates" that shuttle the insulin away from your fat cells.

Unbelievably simple to implement.  Shockingly effective.

After more than 1000 hours of my own research, I'd like to introduce my latest research:  

The Marsh Diet(tm).

I am completely convinced that this is the future of fat loss.  This is the absolute latest research in the field.  If you tried to put this together even a few short years ago, it would have been impossible.  

The Marsh Diet(tm) uses simple, direct brain and body hacks that work with your body's chemistry to burn more fat in less time that you ever thought possible. 

It's like magic, but it's really just the powerful synergy of brain and body working together...at last.

The Marsh Diet(tm) will literally reprogram your subconscious brain with a 2-second hack that anybody can follow.

Here's what else I cover in the book:

The Marsh Diet(tm) will keep you craving-free and hunger-free.  It is the most enjoyable fat burning program you have ever come across.  Your metabolism will skyrocket, your energy levels will blow up and your fat will seem to just melt away.

All of this with little to no exercise.

I put all of this together in a very simple, very easy to follow 5 phase plan:

1) The two-second brain hack that brings your consumption to consciousness and destroys bad habits

2) How to hydrate and time your meals perfectly

3) A five-minute breakfast that will give you 50% of the results of the entire diet.

4) A complete guide of foods ranked by fat burning potential.  Oh, and precisely when you should pig out on cheesecake.

5) Four minutes of (perfectly timed) exercise a day to turbo charge your results (optional).

Remember that surprising spice that blunts that terrible insulin spike?  


I talk about why it works and how much to take in the book.  It's amazing how something so common can be so effective when used properly!

"I didn't know what was happening to my body, but I was slimmer than I had ever been just 3 months after my pregnancy."

That's me in south beach last month.  After losing 30 pounds, life is so much better!

The brain hack (phase 1) made the diet really simple to follow.  I decided not to exercise at all and still got the results: 15 pounds lost in a single month.  Still keeping it off over a year later!Rose MarshWriter

The Marsh Diet(tm) is for you if:

Ok, I know what you're thinking.  I've put over 1000 hours of research and study into this package.  The fact that I get $2000 for a one hour presentation, you probably think this package is out of your reach.

I realized first-hand the power this diet can have on your life.  Easily transforming your body to be healthier, firmer and sexier make life better in every way.  

I see this power and I want to make it affordable for everyone.  More about the price in a moment.

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Ok, I said I wanted to make this package affordable, and I mean it.  I promised my wife I would put in financial reach of everyone.  

Well, what does that mean?  I did some research and found out that a package like this is considered "affordable to the masses" at $200.  I told my wife about my plan to offer my 1000 hours of research for a mere $200 and she said no.  

Just "no."

"But I'm adding the $297/year support center!"

"Make it less than $100."

And that was the end of the discussion.  Well, you can thank my wife for this.  

Today I'm going to offer the complete Marsh Diet(tm) package with the Marsh Diet(tm) support center lifetime membership for only $98!!


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You know that I believe in my product since I named it after myself!  I am not just promising these results, 

I guarantee your success.

I'm going to make a totally crazy guarantee, actually.  After reading what I've had to say, if your experience is not exactly as good as you think it should be, I'll give you an instant refund.

Think about that for a second.  I'm not saying the diet should match up with my expectations.  It should match up with your expectations.  If you think this diet should cause you to lose 10 pounds in two weeks and you only lose 9?  BOOM, instant refund!

If you think you should lose 40 pounds in two months and only lose 35?  BOOM, instant refund.

I am so certain that this diet will exceed your expectations, no matter what they are, I'm willing to put this product completely, 100% on the line.  

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Everything you've tried so far has failed.  Now you know why!  Unfortunately, if you ignore your body, it will continue to get worse.  The wrong diet will cause you to age faster, and puts you at a much higher risk of depression.  

This is not what you and your family deserve!

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine yourself in the ideal beach body, eating your favorite foods and enjoying life to the fullest.  You wake up each morning bursting with energy and excitement, ready to take on the day.  Getting daily compliments on how fit, slim and sexy you look.  This can be your new reality with the Marsh Diet(tm)!

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